Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gods of the Aedossian Cycle

SCORIUS - Scion of Law 
In setting up my "Aedossian Cycle" campaign for the DCC RPG, I've decided to set up both Law and Chaos as entities which are concerned with their own agendas as opposed to the well-being of individuals.  Characters will generally begin the game with a Neutral alignment until the time that they are seduced by the power of either Law or Chaos.  Perhaps the characters will choose neither extreme, and remain unsullied by the taint of Law and Chaos.  These three primal forces all have their champions in the Gods of Aedoss...

The Gods of Law...

  • Scorius, Leader of the Gods of Law
  • Torvallo, God of Judgement
  • Xerishan, God of Righteous Might
  • Coellyon , The Law Giver
(Favored weapons - Swords, spears, bows.  Unholy creatures - Any creature allied with Chaos)

The Neutral Gods...
  • Sylteria, Goddess of the Wild Places
  • Jordannus, God of Protectors
  • Trallin Zell, God of the Song
  • Mordan All-Father, God Under the Mountain, Patron of Dwarves
  • Eleria Fey-Mother, Goddess of Elf-Kind
  • Andarra Goldfields, Goddess of the Hearth, Home, and Field. Patron of Halflings
  • The Golden Lord, God of Commerce and Profit
  • Weyland the Wanderer, God of Roads and Travelers
(Favored weapons - Maces, hammers, staves, and slings.  Unholy creatures - Undead) 

The Chaos Gods...
  • Ahrkallian, God of War and Strife
  • Bel-Baran the Ever-Changing, God of Inconstancy
  • Maldandraxxia,  Goddess of Pain and Cruelty
  • Uuzz the Unclean, Source of Abominations
(Favored weapons - Axes, spiked maces, weapons of cruelty.  Unholy creatures - Any creature allied with Law) 

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